Alice Vachet

Egyptian mythology claims that cats have nine lives and this might be the main thing Alice Vachet and her kitty have in common: several exciting lives displayed through her expert tweets and daily Insta Stories which feed our screens and social media with colourful photos where smiles and digital expertise intertwine. Let’s dive into the world of this “life addict” in all its aspects.

Chapter I. Life is short

Sitting at the terrace of a café in Boulogne, Alice started depicting her experiences under the last rays of a lingering autumnal sun while composedly sipping her large coffee. She graduated from ESSCA Angers business school and specialised head on in web marketing. This decision took her to the beautiful city of Shanghai where she spent her fourth year of studies in between digital beams and cultural wonderments. An unfortunate food choice will send her straight to the hospital for several weeks on. As luck would have it, if the body is paralysed, the mind can remain fully conscious and running. This event marked the start of her long-lasting attachment to the blue bird of which she promptly understood every organic quirk, statistic machinery and personalisation options. She eventually emerged from the chrysalis of her illness and flew right into the digital sky.

Chapter II. Life is social

The horizon of social media immediately appealed to Alice as she laid down her thoughts 140 characters at a time on her Twitter account drawing from her expertise both acquired in agency and start-up environments. With the strong support of a community captivated by her virtual presence, she decided to launch a personal blog to share her must-sees, some key figures she collected through research or simply quotes. “Dare, as you have the right to fail”. As an entrepreneur, she has made this statement her own. But what is social media without images? She asked herself before switching on her Instagram account, which turned out to be an instant success – thanks to a secret digital recipe, 100% organic. There, she imparts stories of her everyday life, blending personal entertainment and professional situations – all illustrated with #nofilter photos. The outcome is significant: 130K of thumbs up from her followers.

Chapter III. Wonder Woman’s Life

How can you get an internship at Canal+ when you do not seem to fit the requested profile? Alice simply set up a metaphorical tent in front of the desk of the HRD, who was so impressed by her determination that she eventually offered her a web marketing internship in accordance with the famous “Canal spirit” – which might be living its last moments. This opportunity will soon turn into a 2-year-contract. The self-made-woman went on adding another string to her bow by fruitfully pitching in the mess of community management. This part of the story started with Haribo and ended a few years down the line with a rich portfolio of clients, a little before being recruited by French retailer Carrefour to accompany their digital transformation. Alice came into the administration of the latter as they were struggling with digital innovation and gave them a key element to smoothen their strategy: the CSR angle. One strategic proposal later, she was approached by Bertrand Swiderski for a new exciting job that she gladly took on for several months. The next episode sees the “start-up nation” calling and Alice enthusiastically responding by entering Zeï and treating herself to a green cure alongside Noël Bauza. Advertising: check! Agencies: check! Start-ups: check!

Let’s do some business now, shall we?

Chapter IV. Life is teaching

As she was thriving at Zeï, proposals of participation to conferences kept on coming her way. She realized that her social imprint carries a real impact and decided to take the leap by creating “Alice & CoW”, a micro-company offering social media training modules, among other services. A few weeks after that, she was already standing in front of Science Po Paris, ENA and EM Lyon Business School students, sharing her expertise and unveiling the secrets of digital success. The teacher in her rapidly saw the light as she was pouring from her experience in personal branding to what seemed like an ever growing audience.

Chapitre V. Personal Life Branding

This life is about virtual and real life encounters, Canteloup’s fun and rumours on Europe 1 radio, Patrick Bruel’s insane retwitting and one of Alice’s passions: accompanying public or private figures through every stage of their digital branding. She likes to sit around the table, identify targets and come up with digital lines of action all the while designing standard approaches that will soon become a reference for her students or key offers on Alice & CoW. If you too, following Patrick Bruel and Thierry Moreau, would like to know how to bring together your various supporters and avoid bad buzz, here is a door you should definitely be knocking on.

Chapter VI. Life is influence

Influential people are many to refuse the title of influencer, when it comes to social media. Alice used to sit on that side of the fence before fully crossing it and proclaiming herself as an “influencer in the realm of technology” on the basis of her expertise in innovation, start-ups, artificial intelligence… With regards to her professional past, it appears rather difficult to question this appellation! However such a status also implies various social commitments. In the realm of sports, Alice is ambassador for the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Olympics Paris 2024, which entices her to digitally push French applications forward. The businesswoman is also regularly invited to participate in conferences as she did for “RED for Executive woman” where she openly fought for equal pay rights. Instagram brings its share of opportunities to the table, but the product aspect of things does not really appeal to Alice, except if it is green and she personally uses it. Brands beware – as she needs to agree with your values before accepting a sponsored contract! Last time I checked, she was authentically standing next to Dominique Farrugia for “1to1 Biarritz”. Did you see her there?

Chapter VII. Life is green

Authentic, green and expert” is what she will tell you about herself. Not veggie, nor activist, she nonetheless puts a great deal of importance on ecology in all its dimensions. Whether we are talking about her fruity diet, her commitment to green start-ups or her daily 12km walks, one of Alice’s lives is undoubtedly green. It might not be on show but the trained eye can see a Hulk from afar!

Chapter VIII. Life is (also) grin(ning)

Having seven lives intertwining everyday does not keep Alice from dedicating a few minutes to discover, wonder, try out new things and broadcast innovative thoughts. Thus in the course of her systematic morning watch, she lurks into the restless world of technological news and takes the necessary time to dig deep into the subjects she lays eyes on. These digital discoveries feed her creativity as much as well as the one-hour-walks she takes in the morning to mentally prepare her day. A reflective break, a form of meditation, which allows her to position herself and orientate her “why” on the thing she values most: her freedom.

Chapter IX. Life is boring?

In ten years, you might find Alice in a stud farm, riding a thoroughbred horse, wheedling it with enthusiasm. Horse-riding is lifelong passion she has had since her youngest age and which has made her in many ways more eco-friendly and caring towards nature. If you do not, then she most probably will be wandering the Parisian streets, stopping here and there in complete awe of the historical architecture of the capital and examining street art pieces. This ninth life, the life of passions easy on the heart and the eyes, fertilizes all the others, as it is central and paramount for the young woman’s balance. And with all this, what happened to her free time one might ask? Well she actually takes some on Sundays, to experience complete boredom… Because, in her own words: “I like to get really bored in order to truly disconnect”.

Catlike, we hardly struggle to believe her…