Anthony Rochand

Anthony Rochand

The digital world is fascinating in that it has completely bewildered the rules of the marketing game. Anthony Rochand, CEO and co-founder of “Les Experts du Web” – a consulting company – vividly concurs. As a digital communication expert of barely 40 y.o., Anthony quickly figured out how innovation and consumption changes were about to erupt from the digital revolution. Here is a portrait in 9 holes of this self-taught web master, who also used to be a highly skilled golfer…

His swing: an evolutive career

Anthony started out in retail, where he became Store Manager for Leclerc and Intermarché. In 2006, he decided to take a new turn and learn all about technologies in relation to data, voice and mobile. As he mastered new competencies, he created a services company for mobile operators in 2007, secured partnerships with Bouygues Telecom Entreprise & Orange Business Service, all the while taking a sharp interest in the developments of internet and the emergence of social networks. One thing he knows for sure: digital interactions will never replace IRL encounters. Well aware of the power of structured networks, he began animating communities on good ol’ Viadeo and composing a business club with CEOs of the Rhône-Alpes region. This was the first step of his own digital transformation.

A few years later, he launched DooMiz – a kind of B2B social network, halfway between virtual and real life encounters – and organised in that framework numerous networking events (“Les Cafés d’Anthony”, “Meeting Network Lyon”). The monthly offers from top management that came his way were leaning more and more towards community management. This pushed Anthony to establish himself as a freelance consultant in digital communication before founding “Les Experts du Web” with this wife in 2016 – a flourishing agency born from mingling their respective expertises in social media and e-commerce. He is convinced that communication, whether verbal or digital is not something that comes naturally. This is why he uses his own social accounts to raise his readers’ awareness and share good practices with his clients.

During the day, you may find him delivering training to professionals and EFAP Lyon (MBADMB) or ISCOM Lyon students, designing digital strategies & social selling modules or organising networking events in the area of Lyon where he often catches the professional eye and attention. Always on top his digital game thanks to a daily watch and continuous training, he makes a point of missing nothing. Present on all networks, he has been questioning their usefulness for businesses and trying out his social selling techniques on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn before broadcasting his conclusions to his students and clients. His schedule is full but would not be the same without his better half, making business as usual well cared for and the dialogue continuous…

His approach: digital marketing put option

This former golfer hence became a recognized and well-known expert whose technical publications were shared by specialized media. That was his way of delivering content which he considers as “the cornerstone of any marketing strategy meant to attract customers or simply sell“. “Content is king“, yes, but Anthony firmly believes in the pre-eminence of immersive content, based on this figure: 80% of web traffic will be audiovisual in 2020. Bets are taken! His vision of the future does not stop there: deeply captivated by technological innovation like big data, artificial intelligence and bots, he considers the marketer’s job to be in a process of far-reaching change. Data will soon rule – if it is not already – and data scientists will become the symbol of this revolution as well as the birth of new jobs. Technology is a factor of creative destruction. Here’s to Schumpeter! 

All this data is incidentally feeding the recently born social influence marketing, a powerful leverage for engagement and transmission of messages. A technique almost as old as the hills about which Anthony indicated: “Influence is a marketing leverage which works online but also IRL” because influence is first and foremost “a connexion between individuals allowing for notoriety and often business transactions”. However, this marketing trick needs to be regulated to eradicate the fake which is propagating like weeds online, probably due to the teenage maturity (or lack thereof) of its users. Anthony is notorious on numerous networks and often revolts against new platforms connecting influencers with agencies and clients because of their lenient selection criteria. This is not true for some very decent platforms which significantly raise the bar, among which we find Getinfluence or Reech in another category. Message received!

As to the relationship between influencers and brands nowadays, it is often paramount and too often disorganized. An influencer is essentially a content creator possessing an expertise on a given subject allowing them to convey particular ideas through their publications and generating engagement. Working with an influencer implies granting them the freedom to find the cross point between their audience, their content and the brand’s product in the framework of a long term collaboration. It is in light of the influencer’s choices and results that the marketer will be able to evaluate the impact of a campaign and adapt their strategy in accordance with sales targets and overall objectives.

A birdie in Lyon

What’s most striking about Anthony, aside from his acute expertise, is his will to always learn more to understand the apparatus of his sector and stay alert to any digital innovations. He has a continuous thirst for knowledge and values approaching others in “real” life, because human relationships are never as real as they are right after a good handshake. Club in hand or business-club, Anthony knows what comes in handy!